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Welcome to our new local guide called “In And Near”. In And Near hopes to grow into a useful local business, holiday and entertainment guide for every part of the UK.

In And Near is very young and in the developing stages so we appologise for any incomplete sections or sudden changes to site and structure.

In And Near Local Business Guide

The in and near local business guide will provide adverts for many local shops, companies and services for all towns, villages and cities in the UK. Companies are encouraged to advertise themselves for free on this site.

Free Business Adverts

Any business or organisation is free to advertise their business services on “@inandnear” please use our “Add Business Free” form.

For Other Contributions Such As ; Events, News, Press Releases And More… Please Visit Our “Contribute Page”

Blog & Events

We use our blog to feature events anywhere in the UK and if you send us details we will add to the blog roll for you.  We always add supplementary information to make our event listings all the more interesting. Our current events can be found by clicking on any of the “Events” links.  Events are also listed on category pages relating to the town or county so people can easily find local what’s on.

To advertise an event for free visit our “Contribute Page”

Our blog is also home to news, press releases of interest, features written by us or you and many other things. We will consider many articles but have strict quality controls with the primary rule is we won’t have duplicate content on here this is why we often expand most things we are sent and rewrite slightly.

To send us content for consideration please visit our “Contribute Page”

Any contributions or events may be added to one of our regional or specialist directories if we feel it will serve you better having it there !

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Business Directory

We are currently checking all the listings from the old site and activating these and all should be back on line ASAP. Also the number of free adverts is growing daily.

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Purpose Of @inandnear

@inandnear is now this middle man for all my UK guides and social media profiles, the guides will stay the same but all news, events and articles will be located here and relevant articles will be displayed dynamically on the relevant guide or guides depending on relevancy.

Social Networking

@inandnear is primarily a Twitter lover and we have many local accounts for local promotion of your pages on our site or satellite sites.

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